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From the Staff

By David Marin & The CruZin' Staff

Remembering Dick Page: "Hot Rodder Extraordinaire"
Our first encounter with Dick Page (1987) was in a hole in the wall office of a group of individuals that were producing a Saturday morning TV show known as CruZin' Northwest. It was a grass roots endeavor, poorly financed at best, but, with Dick as the "front man" the show had its moments, and, a following. Read More!

Hub City Car Show Rocks Centralia (Again!)

Photos & Story by Bob Roseberry

Once again, North Tower Street in Centralia filled up with unique and vintage iron for the Hub City Car Show. The event, which is a co-production of the Lewis County Quarter-Milers and the Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce takes place in the Historic Downtown area, and is spread out over four blocks as well as the intersecting side streets. Read More!


The "Heat is On" in the "Dry" Great Northwest

Photos and Story by Annette Barton and Sandie McCollum

Pullman, Washington – searing heat and drought in most of the Division 6 area is in dark contrast to the weather being experienced by the southern and eastern states. Many of the Mello Yello Racing Series have been rained out or shortened by severe weather; NHRA Chief Starter Mark Lyle has commented more than once that he was looking forward to getting home to the dry Northwest. On the flipside, several races have been postponed due to severe heat here. So before you load up the family and head to your local track, always call or check your social media site for your racetrack to make sure the event hasn't been postponed, especially if you are traveling a considerable distance. Read More!

Making Waves with Wheels on the Oregon Coast

Photos & Story by Bob Roseberry

The Pacific Northwest can be an "iffy" place weather wise, but the 2014 edition of Seaside, Oregon's Wheels and Waves was graced with a weekend's worth of sun and mild temperatures, perfect for a car show. Read More!

Unique Iron, a Little Rain, Great Show at Ocean Shores

Photos & Story by Bob Roseberry

Nash Lafayettes are not seen regularly, anywhere. Once every few years, one might appear at a car show in some part of the country. Given that, what were the odds that two Lafayettes, both '36 models, both similarly rodded, both from the same country, would turn up at the 2014 edition of Show & Shine at the Shores? The odds would seem to be next to none, one would think, but on reflection, this is just the type of thing that tends to happen at this event. The show draws unique and special iron — simple as that! Read More!

Bitterroot Classic Lights Up Missoula

Photos & Story by Jerry Brenner

On May 2, 2015, 97 hot rods and cool rides of various years and styles, rumbled into Southgate Mall's Sears parking lot for the annual Bitterroot Classic Car Show.


This is a one day event that features assorted raffles as the Five Valley Ford Club sold tickets with all the proceeds going to Camp-Mak-A-Dream. The Five Valley crew also sold raffle tickets on a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda. Read More!


Beach Barons "Run to the End ofthe World" — Amazing as Always

By Bonni Hilderman

There isn't a whole lot to say about an automotive event that's been around for more than 30 years — it's all been said before and, if they weren't doing something right they'd be long gone.


Such is the case of the Beach Barons "Run to the End of the World", the 2014 edition of which can be said was "amazing as always". Read More!



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