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From the Staff

By David Marin & The CruZin' Staff

So we had this "plan" right? Told you about it in the April issue, right? We'd hold back the CruZin' Club Directory (website Directory is updated) as well as Gary Ledbetter's "Remember the Retractable" story. These measures were taken in order to free up room for the large volume of event listings that needed to be listed in the CruZin' Calendar of Events. Read More!

Wheels & Waves Fills September Weekend in Seaside

Photos & Story by Bob Roseberry

The 2015 installment of Seaside Wheels and Waves was, as usual, pure entertainment. With the streets closed to regular traffic for two solid days, cars and people filled the old downtown district. While many of those individuals were car owners, many more were gearheads there for the show, and even more were non-car tourists who were not necessarily expecting a car show but were enjoying it anyway. Quite simply, Wheels and Waves has become an established draw for the city of Seaside. Read More!

So, How Hot Was It at Cruisin' the Gut?

Photos & Story by Bob Roseberry

Vancouver, WA - Answer: right at 100 degrees! While this didn't seem to inhibit the Cruisin' much (see the following pictures), it seemed as if more people were taking more breaks and seeking shade than in previous, more temperate years. Such is the draw of Cruisin' the Gut, that if the numbers were down because of the heat, it was by a minor "degree" (no pun originally intended, but happily acknowledged!). Read More!

Genesee's Community Days Show & Shine - "Wow"!

Photos & Story by Annette Barton

Genesee, Idaho - 55th Annual Genesee Community Days was a smashing success with a parade, family activities and a car show, warm weather and sun. Scintillating regional classics filled downtown Genesee on June 13, 2015 where organizers handed out trophies in 18 categories and for one experimental aircraft. T-shirts and dash plaques went out to the first 100 participants and our sincere thanks go out to gearhead Charley Rennaker and the Genesee Civic Association volunteers who put on this great small town show and shine. Even with rain we have never had a bad time here thanks to these wonderful people! Read More!

Road Rebels Car Show Highlights Mossyrock Blueberry Festival

Photos & Story by Dean Darnell

No one was burning day light getting to the 2015 Road Rebels car show in Mossyrock. The first set of wheels that rolled in came over White Pass - In the dark - and arrived well before the official opening time. Read More!

Wheelin' Walla Walla Weekend Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Photos by Jerry England Story by Gina Grant Bull

On September 11-12, 2015, over 350 classic cars and motorcycles took to the historic streets of Walla Walla, WA to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Wheelin' Wallla Walla. Read More!

"Hottest Little Show in Idaho" Turns up the Heat in Orofino

Photos & Story by Annette Barton

Orofino, Idaho - "The Hottest Little Show in Idaho" absolutely lived up to its name once again on July 17, 2015 in the city park next to the beautiful Clearwater River in central Idaho. The show began with a cruise to the incredible Dworshak Dam on Friday night after a quick tour through downtown Orofino (and maybe a couple of burnouts). Read More!

Drag Racing News & Some Opinions, Too!

Photos by Annette Barton and Sandie McCollum Article by Annette Barton

Coming to you from Idaho this sunny day: just to quickly catch up, the gig that I was involved with since September has been completed successfully and I can move on to the racing and car show season of 2016! And no, I wasn't incarcerated. Read More!


Bend's Flashback Cruz Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Photos & Story by Bob Roseberry

In contrast to other parts of the Northwest, the weather during the second week of August in Bend, OR was positively balmy, for Bend, anyway. Considering that Oregon's high desert can be scorching, the low to mideighties that actually occurred were quite comfortable-and to repeat one of our favorite cliches, "perfect for a car show"! Read More!

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