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From the Staff

By David Marin & The CruZin' Staff

It's been a busy season, mostly fun, except for work getting in the way of cruising. The upside is that we get to attend a goodly number of car shows, rod runs and the like. The downside... well, there isn't really any other than some weekends when we have to stay in our "offices" and work on the next issue. Read More!

A Little Wet at High Rollin' Hot Rods… But, Definitely Not Boring

Photos & Story by Bob Roseberry

Just so no one was disappointed, it did finally rain! It was late in the day, though, just enough to wet the pavement, and the show, by that time the Awards Ceremony, went on without a hiccup! Hey, this is Grays Harbor on the Washington Coast, in April. If it didn't rain, or threaten, something would be wrong! Actually, for the bulk of the Show, the weather was warm and dry so we'd say the little bit of rain didn't count. So much for the weather report on April 23-24, 2016 at the Quinault Beach Casino in Ocean Shores! Read More!


Missing the Sights, Smells and Sounds of NW Tracks

Photos & Story by Annette Barton

Pullman, Washington – we are already missing the sights, smells and sounds of the Northwest tracks. And the sunshine. The 2016 racing season ends with the wettest October on record, the warmest November to date, many first time champions crowned and track records reset. Read More!

Blaine's Fantastic "Old Fashioned" Show & Shine

Photos & Story by Dave & Audrey Gibson

Take Interstate 5 North from most anywhere in the U.S., cruise till you're at the U.S./Canada border and you've found the City of Blaine - do this on the 4th of July and you've found the Blaine 4th of July "Old Fashioned" Community Festival and Car Show. Read More!

Billetproof NW Hits 9 - Full Decade Coming Up!

Photos & Story by Bob Roseberry

It seems like only yesterday that Alan Galbraith tentatively dipped a toe into the Pacific Northwest's traditional hot rod scene. Without knowing how it would be received, the Billetproof promoter scheduled a stop at the Lewis County Fairgrounds in Chehalis hoping that someone might show up. "Boom"-the Fairground was filled with grass-roots rods and customs from Washington, Oregon, Canada and beyond. Billetproofs "Washington Washout" was up and running and now it's been going for nine (that's 9, neun, nueve, or neuf, folks!) years! Read More!

Greenwood - A Mile-and-a-Half of Amazing Autos

Photos by John & Don Kincl, Story by John Kincl

Question: What do you get when you block off a mile and a half of a main Seattle arterial street, add over 860 of the neatest and varied vehicles from around the greater Seattle area, and add several dozen club groups that show up en masse, and then host it by the Greenwood Knight's Car Club and emcee it by Lance Lambert ( Vintage Vehicle Show) & Dennis Gage (My Classic Car Show)? Answer: One of the best car shows around, and it happened under fair skies, June 26, 2016. Read More!

Community Spirit Makes Twin City Idlers' "Open Show" GO!

Photos & Story by Dave & Audrey Gibson

Doesn't matter which, EXIT 212 off of Interstate 5, North or South, gets you headed for Stanwood, WA, and, if you'd been there June 26, 2016 you would have witnessed the 14th annual Twin City Idlers' "Open to All" Car Show and Cruise. Read More!

American Muscle's the Star in Hospitable Seaside

Photos & Story by Bob Roseberry

Once again for 2016, Seaside, Oregon threw open its doors to high performance muscle machines for its annual June event, Seaside Muscle and Chrome. Early summer on the Oregon Coast can be iffy weather-wise as most Northwesterners know, but this year's event was warm, dry and ultimately sunny. Read More!


Garden City River Rod Run Rumbles Through Missoula

Photos & Story by Jerry Brenner

The sweet sound of fossil fuel fed engines started in the distance and soon built to a throaty rumble as nearly 100 hot rods, customs, stockers and antiques cruised into Missoula, June 24-25 2016, for the 16th annual Garden City River Rod Run. Read More!

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