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From the Staff
By David Marin & The CruZin' Staff

We've been at this CruZin' Magazine gig for the better part of 30 years and while we may not be going strong as we once did, we are going… going to car shows and rod runs that is. It's pretty much like old home week when we show up. We shoot photos and visit with the folks, check out the cars, ooh and ahh just like regular spectators. Invariably, we run into a familiar face, or faces. Read More!

2017 Goldendale's "Car is King Weekend"
Photos & Story by David & Jeanne Marin

Every once in a while we pause to reflect on our CruZin' Magazine activities for the past 30 or so years. Suffice to say, we've turned over an odometer or two, all in the name of "fun". Over these years we've found that much of the fun is in the journey - at least to say, "getting there is half the fun". Every trip offers a new opportunity and we, for the most part, do our best to find a "less trodden" path to our destination, or at least throw in a previously untravelled (by us) frontage road and a couple of small town business/industrial areas - never know what you might find, hidden away in a ramshackle garage or under a mountain of worn out tires. Read More!

Summers End Shines Again, Even in the Rain

Photos & Story by Bob Roseberry

Weather! Before leaving home at 6:30 it looked bad, at 8:30 it looked even worse, and by 9:30 it was downright dismal. But, despite the heavy rain, the first in many days, there was already a fair entourage of people and cars at Huntamer Park in Lacey when we arrived. Read More!

25Crescent City… Where the Redwoods Meet the Pacific
Photos by Phil Nutzhorn Story by Janette Burlison

Columbus Day weekend in Crescent City, California, the annual Sea Cruise Car Show weekend. The Northern Knights Car Club and the Crescent City/Del Norte County Chamber of Commerce hosted the 25th, "Silver Anniversary" Sea Cruise Weekend. Read More!

Lewiston's "HAN" Opens with an Explosion
Photos & Story by Annette Barton

Lewiston, Idaho - the 30th Annual LHAN (Lewiston Hot August Nights) started off with a bang on Thursday August 25, 2016 at the Rogers Motors Tune-Up Show and 330 classic car owners took advantage of the great venue and weather. For 3 days the L-C Valley was taken over by some of the nicest cars and trucks in the west, from California to Canada. The Friday night cruise was a blast with many locals who don't put their classics in the show, out in force enjoying the cruise and squeaking the tires 'just a bit'. Rocker Lita Ford headlined the Friday night concert which is how the LHAN began - as a concert venue produced by radio station CAT-FM which is still a partner and sponsor of this great event. Read More!

East Wenatchee's"Wings & Wheels"Honors Non-stop TransPac Flight
Photos & Story by Marlin Lannoye

The City of East Wenatchee's Wings & Wheels Car Show is held in honor of the first Trans-Pacific non-stop flight from Masawa, Japan to East Wenatchee in 1931. Pilots Clyde Pangborn and Hugh Herndon were the first to fly across the Pacific Ocean which was a much greater feat that Charles Lindberg's flight across the Atlantic. Read More!

Yachat's Fall Blues S&S - Simply Superb
Photos & Story by Dave & Audrey Gibson

September 9, 10 & 11, 2016 - Perfect weather, 75 degrees every day, with an offshore breeze that held the fog at bay for the staging of the Fall Blues Show & Shine at the Yachats Inn. Read More!

Seaside Becomes Gearhead Central in September
Photos & Story by Bob Roseberry

Seaside Wheels and Waves takes place in early September. This year-2016-the dates were the 8th through the 11th. Fall on the beach can sometimes be iffy weather-wise, no secret there, but Early September generally seems to be "safe" For the last few years, including 2016, the weather couldn't have been better which should be evident from the photos that follow. This time around, we had sunshine, T-shirt and shorts weather for essentially the whole weekend. Read More!

SHAWBitterroot Classic Car Show Shines in Missoula
Photos & Story by Jerry Brenner

It was the wee hours of the morning of May 6, 2017 when an impressive field of 85 vehicles rumbled into the Dillard's parking lot at the north end of the South Gate Mall to participate in the Bitterroot Classic Open Class car show, hosted by the Five Valley Ford Club. Read More!

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