PRESS RELEASE: October 4, 2008

NASCAR Legend, Derrike Cope, to meet fans at Motor Sports 2008 NASCAR driver Derrike Cope will be in town for Motor Sports 2008. Cope, originally from Spanaway, will meet with fans on Sunday, November 9. He will also be attending the Northwest Motor Sports Hall of Fame Banquet on Tuesday, November 11. Derrike has had a long and successful career on the NASCAR circuit including winning the 1990 Daytona 500. He will be racing in Phoenix in the Nationwide series race on Saturday, November 8. Derrike currently resides in North Carolina. Derrike’s father, Donald Cope, is being inducted into the Northwest Motor Sports Hall of Fame, as well. Donald Cope is a builder of race car engines known throughout the Northwest.

Motor Sports 2008 is the largest motor sports show ever held in Western Washington. The show takes place on November 7, 8, & 9 at the Tacoma Dome. Derrike Cope will be meeting fans on Sunday, November 9 at 2:00 in the main arena. He is one of many famous race car drivers going to meeting with fans during the 3-day event.

From NASCAR to Indy cars, dragsters to hot rods, Motor Sports 2008 will have it all, including the largest hydroplane collection in the history of the sport. For more information on the show visit the show’s website,

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From the Staff
By David Marin & the CruZin' Staff

Having been hammering this magazine together for upwards of 20 years, there are many “memory moments”. It is those moments that I call to mind when the typical day to day glitches cause me to be less than appreciative of the good fortune with which I’m blessed. Read on

Rev’in ’em Up at the 52nd Portland Roadster Show
Photos by Brian Gilliland & David Marin, Story by David Marin

Portland — Flip your time machine dial to the year 1956, November 24 - 25 to be precise and we’ll land ourselves in the dimly lit National Guard Armory in downtown Portland surrounded by an assortment of gleaming hot rods on hand for our viewing pleasure at the first annual Portland Roadster Show. Read on

Seattle Roadster Show… The Constant Pursuit of Perfection
Photos & Story by Brian Curtis

I had the pleasure of helping a local car nut prepare his vehicle for the 2008 Seattle Roadster Show. I hadn’t done this chore in over 40 years and for me it was a blast from the past. I quickly recalled the process of crawling over and under the car, cleaning, polishing, spiffing every little detail until perceived perfection was achieved. Nothing is ever perfect, but you’d never know it looking at the gleaming chrome and beautiful paint. Read on

Blame It on Bush, The Liberals Do
By Joe Egan

Well! “Dogone it”, where do I start? I know, I’ll start with Dave’s editorial in the last issue. Read on

The Battle Begins — Fuel Economy Vs. My Right Foot
By John Novak

Gas was 36 cents per gallon when I bought my first tankful down in California back in the early 70’s, and now it’s almost five bucks! Back in 1970 a nice car cost about $4,000 and the average household income was around $10,000. Today an average car is $30,000 and the household income is about $50,000. With those ratios, gas should be about $2 per gallon to be of equal value. I only rolled about 50,000 miles on that first car, but I pulled 250,000 out of the last two. Now, I’m no economist but that seems to be a better value to me. Read on

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