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Goodguys Pacific NW Nationals Aging Gracefully

Photos by Bob Roseberry & David Marin Story by Bob Roseberry


Wow! What's happening? All our favorite events are pushing three decades (or more). The 2016 edition of the Goodguys Pacific Northwest Nationals, at Puyallup, was number 29! That means that kids born to a gearhead family that first year are probably parents by now, have built one or more cars, and hopefully were at the 2016 event with their car(s) and kids. Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

In a slight change of subject, we still keep expecting that the number of cars registered at Puyallup will crack 3000. That would really be a coup in our opinion, proof, as if it was really needed, that the event, has truly come of age. Truthfully, we don't have any good way of finding out how many cars actually register - don't think even most of the show officials know for sure until much later - so we have to rely on spotting registration numbers, you know, the numbers on the windshield cards. This year we personally spotted several cars numbered over 2600, so we'll go with that figure, 2600-plus and call it good. There could have been considerably more, but that's still a lot and more than sufficient for a good show.

Regardless of numbers, the event is a rotating color cornucopia of cool rods, customs, and trucks plus some that fit into several categories at once. Try as we might, we probably will never quite see them all. It's common for someone to say "Hey, did you see that ------? It's over by Sillyville." So we trot over to Sillyville, and that ------ is nowhere in sight! Later, we'll be aisle cruisin', hear a sound, and that ----- will roll on by, usually too quick for a picture and - never to be spotted again! Even better (worse ?), Monday we'll be bench racing with a buddy, he'll whip out his smart phone and ask "what did ya' think of this one?" We'll go "duh, where was it? Never saw it". Hey, we're all over the Fairgrounds, got the sore feet to prove it! How'd we miss it? Well, they come and go, move, maybe do one day and head home - on and on.

Goodguys has, over the years become several shows within the main show, such as the Canadian Corral, Homebuilt Heaven, You Gotta Drive 'Em, the Showplex Indoor Show, the Swap Meet, and others, plus one of our favorites, the Pinstriper's Brush Bash. The Pacific Northwest Nationals is an event that shouldn't be missed! 2017 will be Year 30. We'll be there, how 'bout you?



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