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From The Staff
What Kincl has to say just might make sense

We've been at this CruZin' Magazine gig for the better part of 30 years and while we may not be going strong as we once did, we are going… going to car shows and rod runs that is. It's pretty much like old home week when we show up. We shoot photos and visit with the folks, check out the cars, ooh and ahh just like regular spectators. Invariably, we run into a familiar face, or faces.

One of the more "frequently seen" faces is the whiskered countenance of John Kincl, owner/ operator of Auto Ideas, a service company specializing in automotive appraisals, insurance and pre-purchase inspections amongst other things. He's an "old school, learn by doing" graduate, he has an abundance of opinions and is usually quite willing to share his opinions, as well as his knowledge. He's also known as a great source of parts. If he hasn't got it he probably knows someone who knows someone who has one.

One of John's pet peeves is with those gearheads who either build or acquire a cool ride of some sort, spiff it up and maybe take it to a couple of indoor shows, a couple of rod runs and the like, then, park the vehicle and let it sit. Kincl's point is, what's the point in having a cool ride if you're not going to drive it. Cars are meant to be driven and enjoyed. The worst thing you can do is let them sit. Let it sit and the gas goes bad, the battery goes dead, the gaskets dry out and the carb leaks, as does the engine, transmission and rear end. Drive them at least an hour a month. It'll keep the bearings lubricated and the tires round!

Kincl acknowledges, drive your specialty vehicle and you'll undoubtedly encounter that occasional rock chip or ding. Hey, that's why we have body and paint shops.

John's had his 1950 Dodge Coronet custom two door for 25 years and has logged more than 359,000 miles. It's been on a tow truck once, when he first brought it home and a stock wheel cylinder went out.

John also likes the fact that when he goes on vacation he pretty much parks anywhere he wants and no one bothers his car - except to take pictures.

So, basically, Kincl is saying, "cool cars are meant to be driven and you should drive your specialty vehicle more… we can do that!

Meanwhile, we've gathered coverage from all around the Northwest, from various drag racing venues to Crescent City, CA, Seaside and Yachats, OR, and be sure to check out the Goldendale "Car is King" coverage and there's Hot August Nights in Lewiston, ID. The more you look the more you'll find. Enjoy.

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David & Jeanne Marin & the CruZin' Staff


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