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From The Staff
Volume 30 - Number 1 - Thank You One & All



OK, here we go with Volume 30, Number 1 of Cru- Zin' Magazine. Starting it off right with the highly anticipated 2017 Calendar of Events... you know, the most accurate events calendar out there.

We're starting the year off with a "shout out" to our readers. Thank you for your support over these many years. We couldn't do it without you!

Even more so, our thanks to our advertisers. They are the "fuel" that keeps us CruZin'. We hope you'll consider them when seeking shows to attend, products to use and/or services to hire. When you see them at the shows let them know that you see them in CruZin' and appreciate their support of the "Northwest's Own" magazine.

Most important on the appreciation list, our personal, heartfelt "thank you" to our contributors, who travel to the shows, shoot the photos, take the notes and basically provide us with the materials with which we build each issue of the magazine. They sure aren't in it for the money.

You see them at the shows - Bob Roseberry, the ubiquitious "photog" and Associate Editor, as good a friend as a magazine could have; Bob has covered dozens of shows for multiple decades. A profound "thank you" Bob (and "exceedingly tolerant" wife Linda).

Other stalwart contibutors include Dave and Audrey Gibson (Audrey passed away, August 2016). The Gibsons were a "dynamic duo"and Dave plans on continuing as a contributor, "with a little help from my (his) friends".

Bob Symons, Gary Gaz, Vickie Baer, Cathy Nuesmeyer give us content ranging from Redding, CA to Logan, Utah, while Jerry "Mr. Penmanship" England, based in Tri-Cities, WA covers numerous events in eastern Oregon and Washington.

Our Montana contributor, Jerry Brenner, covers a half dozen or more shows each season, traveling many miles between shows, putting in the effort it takes to produce quality photos.

Serving "double duty" and doing a terrific job are Annette Barton and Sandie McCollum. Annette, for many years, has authored the 1320 Northwest dragracing column. Always well written and accompanied by action and/or interesting photos. The "double duty" occurs when Annette and Sandie go on the road and cover assorted shows, i.e., Chipman-Taylor Show in Pullman, WA - Sandie gets behind the camera and Annette handles the note taking, or vice-versa. Enormous "thank you" to both of you.

Must also mention John Kincl, Al Drake and John Novak. Kincl covers events, does garage tours and writes occasional columns. His recent column "Where There's a Will There's a Way" (August 2016 issue) was among the most "talk provoking" columns - ever!

John Novak, our "two finger typist" handles the Tech Notes duties, delving into complex subjects and disecting them in a plain and simple manner. Thank you John. And, last but certainly not least, the iconic Al Drake provides us with book reviews, human interest stories (see Poverty Isn't Pretty, Page 19 of this issue) and historical "looking back" articles that are well-written, interesting and informative.

There's John & Suz Troutner who send us "cool" Alaska coverage, there's Don Amundson who could be most anywhere, there's "show & swap" helpers Jan and George Belarde, not to mention Barb and Brian Curtis who will be bringing us new coverage from "east of the mountains".

Finally, there's Patti Stein and her "significant other" Dwight. "Calendar Guru", "Advertising Guru", all around wonderful person, we love you Patti! Thanks again to one and all!

Stay low in the turns & Keep CruZin'
David & Jeanne Marin & the CruZin' Staff



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