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017 Goldendale's "Car is King Weekend"

Photos & Story by David & Jeanne Marin

Every once in a while we pause to reflect on our CruZin' Magazine activities for the past 30 or so years. Suffice to say, we've turned over an odometer or two, all in the name of "fun". Over these years we've found that much of the fun is in the journey - at least to say, "getting there is half the fun". Every trip offers a new opportunity and we, for the most part, do our best to find a "less trodden" path to our destination, or at least throw in a previously untravelled (by us) frontage road and a couple of small town business/industrial areas - never know what you might find, hidden away in a ramshackle garage or under a mountain of worn out tires.

So, on this occasion we're leaving Yakima, on our way to Goldendale with stops scheduled in Toppenish (think amazing murals), Bickleton (think oldest saloon in WA, oldest rodeo in WA and, bluebird capital of the world), and, anywhere else that captures our interest.

Ultimately, we wind up in Goldendale, where we camp out at the home of cousins Joe and Kay - think assorted freshly-baked pies. Up and at the "real" purpose of this journey - the Saturday, October 1, 2016 staging of the "Car is King" weekend, a two day festival that opens with the Concours de Maryhill, an open to all event organized by the Goldendale Motorsports Association with an awards presentation at the end of the day.

Participants also have the opportunity to drive the Maryhill Loops Road, one of the first modern roads in the Northwest, opened to automobiles only twice a year. Motor through the gorgeous scenery through the road's hairpin curves.

Another "driving experience" occurs on Sunday with the running of the Maryhill Loops Vintage Hill Climb, approved cars and drivers compete over a three-mile timed climb up the historic Maryhill Loops Road. Free to spectators viewing the action from the Highway 97 Overlook and other viewpoints along the route.

All in all, it's an incredible weekend of opportunity to create some new and exciting memories. Our special thanks go out to the Goldendale Motorsports Association for their cooperation and hospitality.

They'll do it again in 2017, that will be October 7 - we'll hope to see you there. P.S. Do yourself a favor and visit the Goldendale Observatory - Wow!

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