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Think We Like Portland? Yup!

By Bob Roseberry

We've been coming to the Portland Roadster Show for some years now --- nowhere near as long as it has been in existence, of course, but long enough that we have to think hard to remember when we started. Despite this, it's still a thrill to walk through the doors on the first day and be hit with the sensory impact of a sea of cars, color and sounds of fellow-gearheads enjoying themselves.

Of course, the CruZin' staff is based at the Magazine's booth, so we are in somewhat of a unique position where we can talk to show participants and spectators alike, in between trips out into the three display galleries to shoot pictures. Have to say, we have yet to encounter anyone in a bad mood or angry. Gearheads are good people and this is just the type of event to bring that feature out by the bucket-full. The encounters we have, at the booth and out on the floor, are just as much of the ambiance of the show as the cars themselves.

Speaking of "the cars themselves", the Roadster show always presents a cross-section of cars and trucks that is hard to match. In the main gallery, can be found many of the feature cars like Mike and Dave Grotto's over-the-top-and-out-the-back-door, BDS blown, '66 Mustang. However, the super stuff isn't always limited to one room. The long by huge, V-12 powered, twin blower, '58 Continental built for Sue and Tad Leach by Kindig-It Designs we found in the middle gallery, along with an impressive assortment of (excuse the expression) super-ingenious "rat rods" (there, we said it). As neat as these cars are, we also love to prowl the third gallery where we find street driven rods such as striper Tim Powell's just finished Vortec 350 powered '91Camaro, show (for now, anyway) machines like Kim and Lee Badger's stunning green'73 Javelin, as well as the many and varied entries in the annual High School Challenge.

Obviously we love the Portland Roadster Show and see no way that we will ever tire of it. Our thanks go out to Show Director Duane Caseday and his crew for creating this spectacular Northwest event. It'll be coming around again March of 2019. Can we count on ya'all being there?


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