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Summers End Shines Again, Even in the Rain

Photos & Story by Bob Roseberry

Weather! Before leaving home at 6:30 it looked bad, at 8:30 it looked even worse, and by 9:30 it was downright dismal. But, despite the heavy rain, the first in many days, there was already a fair entourage of people and cars at Huntamer Park in Lacey when we arrived.

Rain pretty much continued until about 11:00 when we got some sporadic sunbreaks. They didn't last but the afternoon did finally settle down to a steady overcast with some wind and finally no rain! While we are sure that the "pthhht" weather led to lower attendance, there was no lack of cool and unique iron on display, such as Ron and Linda Moon's 1927 Diana 4-door, Scott Rodocker's M928 military 5-ton, Danny Hoeschen's totally nasty '37 Ford coupe or Doug and Jacki Smith's homebuilt '66 Chevelle 300. Over the years, Summers End has regularly been a draw for the interesting, innovative or rare and 2016 was not an exception.

Summer's End is staged by Lacey Parks and Recreation and they are generous with awards. By our count, which could be off by one or two, there were 47 of them passed out. We've noted a few in the following captions, but must admit we didn't catch all the names or winning cars so, for the ones we overlooked, our apologies. One award we didn't miss, however, was the Club Participation Award which was won by the Midnite Timers of Olympia who turned out in force. Going back several decades, the Club has a history of driving unique, hot, or "in yer face" cars plus, they usually can be counted on to be first through the gate at any show. Our congrats!

Generosity also extends to the use of Summer's End gate receipts, in that each year a portion are donated to area emergency response agencies to help purchase defibrillators. The recipient this year was Tenino Fire, a classic small town department, staffed largely by volunteers.

Now the hard part: As of this writing, it is our understanding that 2016 will be the last Summer's End at Lacey for the foreseeable future. We extend our thanks to the City of Lacey Parks and Recreation as well as the involved clubs, vendors & volunteers for many years of enjoyment.

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