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Record Numbers "Swarm" Hub City

Photos & Story by Bob Roseberry


Old Downtown Centralia was "swarming"! There is just no other way to put it. After last year's washout, the crowd was back with a vengeance!

As of 12:30, 270 cars and trucks (including one belly tank!) were registered which was the highest number ever in the history of the event, according to the officials we talked to! The combination of show cars, their owners and spectators filled up Tower Street to the point that, for us, sometimes shooting pictures was a challenge. Don't get us wrong, though, we are not complaining because we just love success. When a show is a success that means they're doing it right and that's right with us!

Part of the reason for the success has to be the fact that the day never seems to slow down. From the opening of registration at 8:00 AM to the wrap up at 4:00 PM, there's continuous door prize drawings plus raffle ticket and 50/50 drawing sales, with the additional feature of KITI Radio's car key drawing where several lucky applicants win keys, one of which will start the Station's give-away car. While the door prizes are given away all day, the KITI key drawing is at 1:00, and the raffle prizes along with the 50/50 drawing happen at 2:30, just before the Awards Ceremony at 3:00. What we're sayin' here is that Saturday can be a busy day!

Actually, although Saturday is the main event, if you are inclined to slide down to Centralia on Friday and register, you can enjoy a 5:00PM barbecue at Ken Stedham's, Ken's Service at 515 w. Main Street. Technically, therefore, the Hub City Car Show is a "two day event".

What's increasingly obvious is that Hub City is a show that draws from Centralia and Chehalis of course, but also from Grays Harbor near the coast, Kelso and Longview near the Columbia River, from upcountry Olympia and Tacoma, as well as Oregon, Eastern Washington and some beyond. We have to give credit for this to the show organizers, the Lewis County Quartermilers as well as the Twin City Chamber of Commerce. They seem to have it figured out! If all of this sounds good, the Hub City Car Show will come around again on August 26, 2017.



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