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Seaside Becomes Gearhead Central in September

Photos & Story by Bob Roseberry

Seaside Wheels and Waves takes place in early September. This year-2016-the dates were the 8th through the 11th. Fall on the beach can sometimes be iffy weather-wise, no secret there, but Early September generally seems to be "safe" For the last few years, including 2016, the weather couldn't have been better which should be evident from the photos that follow. This time around, we had sunshine, T-shirt and shorts weather for essentially the whole weekend.

We are constantly amazed at the draw of Seaside Wheels and Waves. What is it about this small town on the Oregon Coast that attracts gearheads, with some of the coolest 1965 and older rides in the Northwest, from all over Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana or even, surprisingly often, Canada? We think it's attitude-good attitude! Seaside regularly puts itself out for two solid days, four, actually, counting the Thursday Senior Cruise and the Friday Registration Day activities, shutting down the center of Historic Downtown for the show. The Seaside Downtown Development Association and their Rod Squad are welcoming and helpful as are the downtown merchants and restaurant proprietors. This is a combination that makes for a very enjoyable event, which is exactly what the 2016 edition was.

We've mentioned "activities", but never actually tried to list them. In Thursday's Senior Cruise, event participants cruised their cars to each of the three area retirement homes. As the weekend progressed, there were two Coastline Poker Runs, a Poker Walk, a Treasure Hunt, a 50/50 Drawing, a three day Vendor Alley, a Saturday Downtown Cruise, a Complimentary BBQ and Welcome Party and of course, three day'sworth of Show and Shine, all wrapped up with an Awards presentation on Sunday! A full weekend indeed, with an equally full menu of fine iron to check out!

Seaside Wheels and Waves is scheduled again for September 7th through 10th, 2017. Give it some thought and if a weekend at an Oregon beach town jam-packed with hot rods appeals to you, come on out!


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